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1. NAME: The name of this organization shall be the S2 9.1 Meter North American One Design Class Association ("Association").

2. PURPOSE: It is the purpose of the Association:

2.A. To promote and develop the one-design feature of the S2 9.1 meter for class racing with the flexibility to competitively race under other rating systems.

2.B. To promote the use of the S2 9.1 meter for racing, recreational day sailing and cruising.

2.C. To promote camaraderie, sportsmanship and fairness in competition and all other Class events.

3. CLASS DESIGN: The yacht is a 9.1 meter fiberglass sloop ("S2 9.1") designed by Scott Graham and Eric Schlageter and manufactured by S2 Yachts, Inc., who introduced it in 1983.

4. INTERPRETATION: Rules and specifications, however complete, cannot anticipate every possible situation that may arise.

4.A. A Class Member having a question regarding the interpretation or application of these Rules may direct the question to the Governing Committee which may, in its discretion, seek advice from the Rules Committee. The Governing Committee shall rule on the question promptly.

4.B. In interpreting these rules and specifications, the Governing Committee, the Rules Committee, a Protest Committee or Judge, any body sponsoring or sanctioning any activity in which Association members are involved, and any other person or entity upon whom may fall the task of interpreting these Rules and the specifications herein;

4.B.1. Shall consider the intent rather than any technical construction that might be derived from the wording and shall bear in mind at all times the basic principle(s) of these Rules and Specifications, which are to maintain the S2 9.1 Meter Class as a one-design class and to fulfill the purposes set forth in paragraph 2, above.

4.B.2. Shall interpret these Rules in a manner consistent with the racing Rules of Sailing, particularly with reference to those Racing Rules of Sailing regarding sportsmanship.

5. ORGANIZATION AND MEMBERSHIP: Any owner or co-owner of an S2 9.1 meter may apply for regular membership in the Association. Non-owners may apply for associate membership in the Association.

5.A. FLEET ORGANIZATION: A fleet is a branch or unit of the Association open to all individuals eligible for regular membership in the Association who reside and/or sail upon the same body of water or within the same geographical region.

5.B. FLEET CHARTERS: The Governing Committee may grant Fleet Charters to fleet consisting of five or more yachts upon application to the Association Secretary. Each Fleet shall elect its own officers, always to include a Fleet Secretary. Each Fleet shall be self-governing in all local matters that do not conflict with the Association's rules.

5.C. REVOCATION OF FLEET CHARTERS: Charters shall be revoked by the Governing Committee upon failure of a fleet to maintain a minimum number of yachts and owners in good standing or other adequate cause.

5.D. In the absence of a chartered Fleet, all members and yachts shall be governed by the Rules of the Association without modification.


6.A. Regular Members of the Association shall be registered upon payment of dues. However, in all matters requiring representation and voting, each yacht shall be limited to a single vote. A member's dues shall be paid in full prior to the member's yacht participating in any Class event. Dues must be paid in full prior to participation in any Regional or Championship races.

6.B. Associate Members shall not be entitled to representation or vote. However, an Associate Member may cast a vote for the yacht on which the Associate Member is crew if the Associate Member presents a written proxy, signed by the Member owner or co-owner of the yacht, authorizing such a vote to be cast.

6.C. The Governing Committee shall determine the charge for dues.

6.D. Applicants for membership in the Association shall remit dues directly to the S2 9.1 Meter North American One Design Class Association Treasurer.

7. OFFICERS AND DUTIES: The Association shall be governed by five officers who shall be elected at an Annual Meeting for a two-year term or until their successors are elected at a special meeting. All must be owners or co-owners and members in good standing.

7.A. COMMODORE: The Commodore shall preside at meetings, shall rule on procedure and appoint special committees. The Commodore is authorized to call meetings. The Commodore shall exercise all duties delegated to him by the Governing Committee. The Commodore shall act as class liaison with the Class membership, the interested public and arrange the annual meeting as well as other meetings during the year. The Commodore shall utilize the capabilities of the Class web site and/or the Class Webmaster to regularly inform members and whenever possible in the fulfillment of these duties.

7.B. PAST COMMODORE: The Past Commodore shall act in an advisory capacity to the Governing Committee and preside at Association meetings in the absence of the Commodore. The Past Commodore shall be responsible for the public relations of the Association and shall supervise the preparation of Class publications by the Class Publisher. In the event no Class Publisher has been appointed, the Past Commodore may delegate publishing duties to another qualified resource. The Past Commodore shall utilize the capabilities of the Class web site and/or the Class Webmaster whenever possible in the fulfillment of these duties.

7.C. SECRETARY/TREASURER: The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all membership and governing committee meetings and shall maintain a master file of committee's minutes and other class business. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive and deposit funds, keep financial records and make necessary disbursements. The Secretary/Treasurer shall, with assistance from the Membership Director and Class Webmaster, maintain the membership mailing list and email address database.

7.D. RULES CHAIRMAN: The Rules Chairman shall appoint a Rules Committee and preside over the fulfillment of all duties described in Section 9,. The Rules Chairman shall gather, maintain and provide current information regarding all issues that may affect Class activities or the Class Rules. The Rules Chairman shall also chair a Nominating Committee of three regular members of the Association who shall be appointed by the Governing Committee.

7.E. RACING CHAIRMAN: The Racing Chairman shall organize, coordinate and supervise Official Class racing events. The Racing Chairman shall preside over the determination of the results of Class races and Championships and maintain and publish records of all Class competition. The Racing Chairman shall utilize the capabilities of the Class web site and/or the Class Webmaster whenever possible in the fulfillment of these duties. The Racing Chairman shall be responsible for acquisition of all Class trophies.

8. GOVERNING COMMITTEE AND POWERS OF DELEGATION: The powers of the Association are vested in and administered by its Governing Committee. The Governing Committee shall consist of no less than three and no more than the five of the Officers designated in Section 7 herein, each of whom shall have one vote. A majority of the votes of those Governing Committee Members present shall decide all of the questions. In case of a tie vote, the Commodore shall be the tiebreaker. The Committee shall interpret and uphold the Class Rules, grant or revoke Fleet charters, sanction or ban S2 9.1 races, impose discipline upon yachts or members who fail to comply with these Rules, fill vacancies in office, conduct all business and determine the policies of the Association. Unless otherwise expressly set forth herein, the Governing Committee may delegate to any Officer any or all of its duties and authority. Individual members of the Governing Committee shall have the authority to approve expenditures of up to $100 without the approval of the Governing Committee. A consensus of three members of the Governing Committee is required for all expenditures over $100. All expenditures in excess of $300 require the unanimous consent of all five members of the Governing Committee. Any expenditure over $500 must be presented to the Class membership and approved by a majority vote in accordance with Section 10.

8.A. The Governing Committee shall, at its discretion, appoint the following officers to perform the duties outlined below. All must be regular or associate members in good standing. These positions may be filled by members of the Governing Committee, but these positions shall not constitute representation on the Governing Committee. Furthermore, the Governing Committee is not obligated to fill these positions. The following officers shall report to the Commodore.

8.A.1. CLASS WEBMASTER: The Class Webmaster shall develop and maintain the Class web site. The Webmaster is authorized to contract, as necessary, for web services with the approval of the Governing Committee. The Class Webmaster shall, at the request of the Commodore or the Governing Committee, distribute Class notices or announcements via email to members or via postings on the web site. The Class Webmaster shall assist the Secretary/Treasurer in maintaining the membership email address database.

8.A.2. COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: The Communications Director shall facilitate communication and promote the open exchange of information between members. The Communications Director shall monitor all postings to the bulletin board on the Class web site and shall assist members seeking information or contact with other members.

8.A.3. MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: The Membership Director shall actively maintain the Class membership directory and conduct an annual review of active memberships. The Membership Director shall pursue transfers of ownership and inactive memberships in order to maintain active Class membership. The Membership Director shall regularly update this information to the Secretary/Treasurer and Class Webmaster.

8.A.4. CLASS ARCHIVIST: The Class Archivist shall search, collect and maintain a Class reference library including materials such as manuals, blueprints, magazine articles and photographs. The Class Archivist shall forward these materials to the Class Officers who shall be responsible for these materials being made available on the Class web site.

8.A.5. CLASS PUBLISHER: The Publisher shall be responsible for producing printed publications such as newsletters and other Class notices distributed by postal delivery.

8.A.6. SPORTSWEAR CHAIRMAN: The Sportswear Chairman shall develop, maintain and handle the sales and distribution of all Class approved logo apparel or other items.

9. RULES COMMITTEE: A Rules Committee shall be appointed by the Rules Chairman.

9.A. MEMBERSHIP: The Rules Committee shall have three regular members appointed by the Rules Chairman. The Rules Chairman shall appoint three members to the Rules Committee who shall serve for two years or until their successors have been appointed.

9.B. DUTIES: The Rules Committee shall, upon request by any member:

9.B.1. Make findings of fact and advise the Governing Committee relative to eligibility of any yachts and equipment;

9.B.2. Make recommendations to the Governing Committee regarding the interpretation of these Rules and the Racing Rules Of Sailing; and

9.B.3. Make recommendations to the Governing Committee reggarding any advisable alterations or additions to these Rules and Specifications set forth herein.

10. MEETINGS AND ELECTIONS: The Annual Meeting shall be held between October 1 and the last day of February at a time and place to be designated by the Commodore. The Secretary shall mail notice of this meeting to all association members at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date selected. A quorum shall consist of the presence of at least five Regular Members. Voting shall be by Regular Members, who shall be entitled to one vote for each yacht enrolled, and the majority vote of those present then in good standing in person or by proxy, shall be sufficient. A proxy must be signed and in writing.

The order of business at an Annual Meeting shall be as follows:

(1) Call to Order
(2) Roll Call
(3) Reading of Minutes
(4) Reports of Officers
(5) Discussion of Governing Committee Rulings
(6) Other Business
(7) Election of Officers
(8) Adjournment

A Special Meeting shall be called by the Commodore upon request of the Governing Committee or upon written request to the Secretary by at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Regular Members. The Secretary shall give to all members not less than two weeks written notice of the purpose, time, and place designated by the Commodore for any meeting.

11. AMENDMENTS: The Association rules may be amended only at an Annual or Special Meeting by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the total number of yachts represented at the meeting in person or by proxy provided, however, that the proposed amendment shall be set forth in the notice of the meeting.


1. INTERPRETATION: Nothing is optional in these rules and specifications unless so stated. In the absence of the specific rules to the contrary, the rules set forth in Part 1 or the Racing Rules of Sailing shall apply.

2. STANDARDS: The original plans and specifications on file with S2 Yachts, Inc., or a certified copy of these plans acquired by the Association, shall be considered as setting forth the official standards with respect to hull, spars, and rigging.


3.A. It shall be the responsibility of the Association as a whole to ensure that their member yachts abide by these Rules and Specifications for all competition. The measurement and certification of S2 9.1 meter yachts to be sailed in the North American Regional Class Championships shall be under the control of the Governing Committee or its appointees. The Rules Committee will make recommendations on any matter submitted to it by the Governing Committee or a member thereof concerning the eligibility of yachts, the eligibility of crews and the compliance of any S2 9.1 with these Rules and Specifications. The Governing Committee shall be the final arbiter of all such matters.

3.A.1. Where a local Fleet is chartered, the Governing Committee may delegate to the local Fleet the responsibility to ensure that member yachts abide by these Rules and Specifications for local competition. In that event, the local Fleet shall, with advice from the Rules Committee, determine the eligibility of any yacht for local competition subject only to appeal to and formal ruling by the Governing Committee.

3.B. An S2 9.1 meter may be challenged by means of a protest in writing stating the grounds thereof, submitted to the Commodore or other member of the Governing Committee, who shall refer it to the Rules Committee for fact finding and recommendation in accord with Paragraph 9 of Part 1. Any such protest shall be accompanied by a check for $25, which shall be returned if the protest is sustained and otherwise paid into the Association treasury.

3.C. The Governing Committee, with the findings and recommendations of the Rules Committee, shall have the authority to declare a yacht ineligible for any regatta or other event sponsored or sanctioned by the Association ("Class Event") other than a local competition sponsored by a local Fleet. The Governing Committee shall not delegate its authority to declare a yacht ineligible under this paragraph.

3.D. PROTESTS: During a race or regatta, the eligibility of a yacht or crew and compliance by a yacht with these Rules and Specifications may be challenged by any yacht following the procedure for protests established and in force for the event. The Protest Committee of the event shall determine the protest by application of the Sailing Instructions, the Rules of the Event and these Rules and Specifications. In the event of a conflict, these Rules and Specifications shall govern. Any party aggrieved by the determination by an event Protest Committee concerning the eligibility of a yacht or crew or compliance of a yacht with these Rules and Specifications may appeal that determination to the Governing Committee pursuant to sub-paragraphs A and B of this paragraph. The aggrieved party shall initiate the appeal by a written submission to the Commodore or other member of the Governing Committee accompanied by a $25 check, which shall be returned if the appeal is successful and otherwise deposited in the Association treasury.



4.A.1. Reshaping, filling in, drilling out, relocating of the hull, keel, or rudder.


4.B.1. The stem head fitting shall not be modified or relocated.

4.B.2. The chain plate shall not be modified or relocated.

4.B.3. The mast step assembly shall not be modified or relocated.

4.B.4. The genoa tract may be changed in length but not relocated otherwise. Tracks allowing adjustable cars (under load) are permitted.

4.B.5. The main sail traveler shall not be changed in length or relocated.

4.B.6. The mooring cleats shall remain in place.

4.B.7. The bow and stern pulpits, life lines, and the life stanchions shall remain the standard height and number.

4.B.8. The use of any thru-deck lead for any control is prohibited.


4.C.1. The mast section shall not be tapered, cut-out, lightened, heightened, or shortened, or modified in any way.

4.C.2. The type of spreader, spreader length, spreader angle, or method of attachment shall not be changed or modified.

4.C.3. The number of halyards shall be limited to one main, one genoa, and two wing, and location of halyards shall not be changed.

4.C.4. The boom section shall not be tapered, cut-out, lightened, lengthened, shortened, or modified in any way. Either production version from the manufacturer is permissible.

4.C.5. The standing rigging shall not be reduced in diameter.

4.C.6. The standing rigging method of attachment shall not be changed or relocated.

4.C.7. The use of hydraulics for mechanical purchase on any control is not permitted.

4.C.8. The adjustable backstay shall not be changed from the pinch (split backstay) type.

4.C.9. The genoa and jib tacks shall be attached only to the stem head fitting.

4.C.10. The spinnaker pole shall not exceed 12.0 feet in length. (See exception, Paragraph 6e)


4.D.1. The main cabin cushions shall not be removed for class racing. They must be original equipment or their equivalent in weight and size.

4.D.2. The standard china bowl head shall not be removed for class racing. (A portable toilet with the equal of a full fresh water tank is permissible in place of permanent china bowl head).

4.D.3. The standard alcohol or CNG stove or items of equal weight and placement shall not be removed for class racing.

4.D.4. The engine must be of standard size, weight, and installed in the standard location.

4.D.5. Disassembly or relocation of standard water and/or fuel tank is disallowed.

4.D.6. The electrical system must remain as supplied by the manufacturer.

4.D.7. Two batteries are required and must remain in their standard location.



5.A.1. Normal sanding and wet sanding, and minor fairing to design specifications.

5.A.2. Anti-fouling preparation of the underbody.

5.A.3. The use of any standard length tiller and any tiller extender.


5.B.1. Running rigging and deck gear other than items specifically mentioned in prohibited modification can be relocated, deleted, or substituted as the owner sees fit.


5.C.1. Any type of luff foil system.

5.C.2. The use of any type of electronic/mechanical instrumentation.


5.D.1. The addition of any system to the standard electrical system.

5.D.2. The addition of any type of cabinetry.

5.D.3. Removal of V-Berth cushions and their supporting boards.

5.D.4. Removal of the main cabin table.

6. SAILS: (Note: The head, tack, and clew of any sail is defined as the intersection of the projected sides except for the head of the mainsail. Unless otherwise noted, all measurements below are in feet.)


6.A.1. P=35.25

6.A.2. E=13.67

6.A.3. Maximum upper quarter girth, measured from upper quarter leach to the nearest point on the luff, including luff rope=4.75' + .28E + .85 + (.016 x P)

6.A.4. Maximum mid girth, measured from mid-leach to the nearest point on the luff, including luff rope= .5E + 1.2 + (.022 x P)

6.A.5. A maximum of four (4) full-length battens may be mounted in the mainsail. The battens must be approximately evenly spaced up the leach.

6.A.6. Upper limit of top batten is 20% of WFF(P) from center of batten tape top aft edge of headboard.

6.A.7. One set of down reef is mandatory.

6.A.8. A US Sailing sail number or hull number must be displayed on both sides of the main.


6.B.1. I=41.25

6.B.2. J=12.00

6.B.3. Maximum L.P. = 155% of J measured from forward edge of the luff tape to the extension of the clew.

6.B.4. Maximum mid girth, measured from mid-leach to mid-luff including luff tape, shall not exceed .50 of the length of the foot of the sail.

6.B.5. The US Sailing sail number or hull number must be displayed on both sides of the #1 Genoa.


6.C.1. I=41.29

6.C.2. J=12.0

6.C.3. Maximum L.P. = 110% J measured from the forward edge of the luff edge of the luff tape to the extension of the clew. Allow to 110%.

6.C.4. Maximum mid girth, measured from mid-leach to mid-luff including luff tape shall not exceed .50 of the length of the foot of the sail.

6.C.5. A reef is allowed.

6.C.6. Up to 3 battens are allowed.

6.D. SPINNAKERS (Maximum of 2)

6.D.1. Maximum luff length = SL. 95%

6.D.2. Maximum girth = 180% of J for tall rig; 180% of (1.1 x J) for short rig

6.D.3. The sail number or hull number must be displayed on both sides of the spinnaker.

6.E. EXCEPTIONS FOR "SHORT RIG" VERSIONS OF THE S2 9.1 METER: Exceptions to the specifications above shall be allowed as follows for "short rig" versions

(Unless otherwise noted all measurements are in feet).

4.C.10 - A spinnaker pole of up to 13.2 feet is allowed.

6.A.1 - Mainsail P measurement shall be 34.00.

6.B.1 - Genoa measurement shall be 40.00.

6.C.1 - Working Jib I measurement shall be 40.00.

6.D.2 - Spinnaker maximum girth to equal 180% of J x 1.1. 7. SAIL


7.A. CERTIFICATES FOR ANY RACE, EVENT OR REGATTA. Each member yacht seeking to participate in any race, event or regatta whether or not a Class event shall, when purchasing or otherwise obtaining the use of a sail, obtain from the sail maker a certificate of measurement setting forth the date of purchase of the sail and each of the measurements of the sail in sufficient detail to permit the reader to determine whether the sail complies with the measurements set forth in Paragraph 6 of Part 2 of these Rules. The Governing Committee, any Class Officer, the Rules Committee, any regatta or race Protest Committee or Judge, and any Officer or delegate of any entity sponsoring any race, event or regatta in which any member yacht seeks to participate may request at any time with reasonable notice that a member yacht produce a certificate for each sail to be used in that race, event or regatta. Upon such request, failure to produce a certificate for any sail may be deemed conclusive evidence that the sail does not comply with these Rules.

7.B. REMEASUREMENT OF SAILS. The Governing Committee may in its sole discretion, and at any time, require that any sail proposed to be used by a member yacht in any Class event be remeasured and that a certificate of the results of that measurement be submitted to the Class Secretary, all prior to participation by the member yacht in such Class event. No sail shall be remeasured more than one time per year except for good cause.

7.C. NUMBER OF SAILS PER CLASS EVENT. Each member yacht shall use no more than a total of six (6) sails per Class event. The following sails shall be allowed: one genoa exceeding 150% of J, one genoa less than 150% of J, one blade less than or equal to 100% of J, one main sail, and two spinnakers. In the event that one or more of the six sails is significantly damaged during the regatta, then another sail may be substituted for the damaged sail upon the approval of the Commodore, or his designee, and upon such conditions as the Commodore may reasonably require.


7.D.1. No member yacht seeking to participate in any Class event shall utilize in that event more than two new sails acquired in the twelve month period immediately preceding the Class event and shall not utilize more than two other sails acquired within the twenty four month period immediately preceding the Class event. For the purposes of this paragraph, "utilize" shall mean "have on board", regardless of whether the sail at issue is hoisted or not. Sails that have been damaged beyond repair may be replaced within such twelve month period, upon approval by the Commodore or his designee. Each new sail shall be marked with the date of purchase or acquisition and the certificate for the sail maintained pursuant to subparagraph (a).

7.D.2. Any member purchasing a "new" yacht or any member joining the Association for the first time may apply to the Governing Committee for waiver of the requirement set forth in paragraph (1) immediately above. Waiver may be granted by the Governing Committee in its discretion upon a showing that the member yacht's sail inventory is non-competitive compared with the sail inventories of other members of the Association expected to compete in Class events. Non-competitiveness typically will require proof that all existing sails in any given category (main, jib and spinnaker) were acquired three full calendar years prior to the date of application. Such waiver may permit the applicant to acquire up to a total of four new sails in the twelve month period immediately preceding the Class event.

8. CREWS AND CREW POSITION: The number of persons required or permitted to be carried as crew in Class events shall be no more than nine including the skipper. Crew limits for local Fleet events shall determined by the local Fleet. All crew must position their torsos inside the lower lifeline in accordance with US Sailing rule #66. Lifeline tension shall not allow deflection of the lower lifeline beyond 40 percent of the distance to the deck from its horizontal position.

9. HANDICAP: The Association recognizes that two different rigs were manufactured as S2 9.1 meter yachts and that some local handicap systems have allotted different handicap scores for these different rigs. Certain exceptions are provided in Part 2, Sections 6D and 6E herein for the shorter rigged yachts. Therefore, all S2 9.1 meter yachts will be equally handicapped and one design Class events will not be scored with different handicaps.

10. PROFESSIONALS: No more than one (1) "Professional" shall be permitted to participate as crew on any member yacht in any Regional or North American Class event. No "Professional" shall be permitted to skipper the yacht during races unless the Professional owns at least forty-nine percent of the member yacht. "Professional" is defined herein as either a Group 2 or Group 3 competitor as described in sections R1.2 and R1.3 (Appendix R) of the US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 1997-2000.

11. REQUIRED ITEMS: Minimum required items shall include a U.S.C.G. approved fire extinguisher, manual bilge pump, anchor (minimum 8-S), anchor line (minimum 3/8 inch x 150 feet length), life jackets for each of the crew, horseshoe buoy, one compass, fog horn, running lights, two batteries, an operable engine, and a flare kit.

12. PARTICIPATION BY NON-S2 9.1 METER YACHTS: At the discretion of the Governing Committee, non-S2 9.1 meter yachts shall be permitted to participate in regattas and Class events.

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